YWI Kampala



Kampala is the capital of Uganda, it consists of various districts some affluent and others no more than informal settlements/slums. Uganda like many African countries has seen its share of armed conflict but peace and stability has returned since mid 1980’s when president Museveni come to power. But the effects of these conflicts are still evident today. HIV/AIDS is another major problem that almost grinded Uganda into a halt, This also has been brought under control though its effects can be seen in the many people who have grown up as orphans. Young women in poor neighbourhoods such as Nakulabye end up in prostitutions, early marriage or even as teenage mothers besides exposing themselves to HIV/AIDS, gender based violence and psychological torture. They are highly depended and cultural and religious practices which innocently relegate the role of women into the background do not help the situation.


In 2009 YADEN East Africa in partnership with various Kampala based organisations helped set up a young women Initiative which has translated into a vibrant 25 member group of highly talented, energetic, responsible and committed young women between ages 17 and 26. The groups like other YWI’s in east Africa works to equip the young women with development awareness skills especially on HIV/AIDS, Gender based violence and other sexuality issues. It also impacts technical skills in entrepreneurship to assist the young women engage in descent income generating activities. So far YWI-Kampala has managed to inspire many young women and has formed a vibrant all young women performing group which earns income through performances in weddings and other events. It acts as a support groups where young women are able to share their challenges openly and are currently busy supporting members to set-up income generating activities especially in the catering industry. Their plan in 2011 is to set-up a young women entrepreneurship and empowerment centre (YWEEC) besides supporting other regions in Uganda to set-up their own YWI’s.



Equipping and Empowering the Young women in Kampala with technical vocational skills and development awareness/life skills that will enable them address their developmental challenges, become economically independent and use their capacity and experience to educate their communities’ especially fellow young women.



A skilled, empowered & independent young woman living free from discrimination & violence & with an opportunity to exploit her potential.


Income generating activity

  1. Edutainment
  2. Catering



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