Usanii Bungoma



Bungoma is a laid back agricultural town near the Kenya-Uganda border with a population above 300 000 (larger Bungoma district), a poverty rate of 56% and HIV prevalence at 7 Inhabited mainly by the Bukusu community an ethnic group within the larger Luhya community the town is not large or glamorous compared to other more popular Kenyan urban areas but it is renowned for its pride in conserving and maintaining its cultural heritage. Besides a rich musical, storytelling and traditional dance culture, practices such as wife inheritance and polygamy are common besides a strong patriarch hierarchal culture that puts resources exclusively in control of men. These and other practices have in modern day helped to influence various developmental challenges especially HIV/AIDS and women empowerment. Most young people migrate to other towns to seek a better future, denying Bungoma an important human resource.


Usanii Forum For Development has tapped the rich culture of Bungoma to mobilise young people in and out of school to exhibit their talents, engage these talents to express themselves and preserve their cultural Heritage. Usanii has set up a video and audio studio where they assist young people to produce their work and increase their income besides depending on live performances. Usanii who are WE CAN end violence against women Campaign and YADEN youth Network coordinators in Bungoma and Western Kenya brings the many youth groups together every Sunday at the Bungoma town municipal grounds where they use the arts to educate the community on various issues including HIV/AIDS, Gender Based Violence among others. In partnership with YADEN they are developing projects aimed at tapping the agricultural potential through training young people on new farming methods that diversify produce at the same time ensure income for non artistic young people, The young farmers will also act as community development awareness coordinators and their mini-farms will act as demonstration centres for their peers. Usanii also plans to set up an IT and Entrepreneurship centre in Bungoma in 2011.




Enable a healthy community especially young people realize wealth creation strategies and initiative through trainings, advocacy, lobbying, exchange and mentorship programs.



A healthy community especially its youth for positive change out of sustainable development initiatives.


Income generating activity

  1. Edutainment
  2. Music and Video Recording, Production and Distribution




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