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Nakuru is the fourth largest city in Kenya but second largest in terms of residency. Sitting in the Rift valley and a home to Lake Nakuru famous for the pink flamingos, Menengai Crater and a host of other attractions just a few kilometres away Nakuru is a beautiful place. The town hosts a multi ethnic population close to half a million. In the post election violence of 2007- 2008 Nakuru saw an influx of mostly internally displaced persons from other parts of Rift valley pushing poverty levels high and escalating inter ethnic tensions. HIV/AIDS is a big problem with over 150000 people infected. Unemployment is high leading to many developmental challenges. Young people below the age of 30 form over two thirds of the population and with little opportunities to earn a descent income most succumb to criminality, prostitutions which expose them to HIV/AIDS or violent deaths or jail.


TEARS (Theatre for Enhancement and Acceleration of Researched Solutions) Group Kenya is formed in 1998 and formally registered as a cultural organization with the government through the Ministry of State for National Heritage in 2003. Formed by 9 individuals; the group was established to empower and enhance creativity among talented youth to overcome and reduce the issue of unemployment and risky behaviour among peers in their local community. Tears Group Kenya has been involved in creative performances in schools, communities and workplaces in the areas of Reproductive Health and Community Civic Education. Currently Tears Group Kenya, through its vision, has established a youth talent development and empowerment village (TAPEV) on life- and self reliance skills among young people for job and employment creation. Furthermore Tears Group Kenya has an established outreach office that implements outreach programs targeting the youth within the community on issues affecting the youth. The methods used consist of community art (magnet theatre), peer education and counselling. Tears the premier YADEN network member who have graduated from a simple youth group to a fully fledged organisation with sound systems and procedures is an inspiration to many new Network members and embodies the vision of the network. Tears is the WE CAN end all violence against women Campaign and YADEN East Africa youth network coordinators in Nakuru and lower Rift Valley province.



To emulate awareness and involvement in creating sustainable solutions for youths challenges at both the individual and at the institutional level.



To build an empowered, Healthy and Independent youth.


Income generating activity

  1. Edutainment
  2. Training in Arts, IT skills and tailoring etc
  3. Tent, Chairs, PA hire and Events decoration and printing services
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