Nyamirambo young women association



Nyamirambo is the oldest neighbourhood of Kigali the capital city of Rwanda. Rwanda lost 10% of its population during the 1994 genocide. Ever since the country has fought to rebuild itself but major challenges remain. During the genocide many children lost their parents and 40% of children become orphans. Ethnic tensions and trauma are still evident though the community is determined to kick away the ’ghosts’ of the past. Nyamirambo a unique district with a sizable Muslim minority is a host to many of the developmental challenges bedevilling the people of Kigali and Rwanda in general.


Nyamirambo Young Women Association is a group of 12 young women who come together in 2008 to form a group that can assist them escape the harsh living conditions that often lead to risky behaviour. Most of them orphans from the genocide they provide support to each other, exchange skills and information that help them maximise their potential. Currently the group has acquired three sewing machines which they use to make children clothing and other items for sale. They also invite volunteer facilitators mainly from local NGO’s to train them on various life/development awareness skills. Though still crippled by massive challenges among them resources the highly committed group has big plans which include supporting their members to acquire technical skills in ICT, Business management among other besides setting up a young women training and support centre for the thousands of young women in Nyamirambo. In partnership with YADEN Rwanda the girls will set-up the Young Women Initiative (YWI) Kigali in 2010 aimed at equipping and empowering young women to engage their potential for a better future for themselves, their peers and communities.



To assist young Women of Nyamirambo acquire vocational skills that can assist them earn a decent income at the same time impact development/life awareness skills that can deter them from engaging in risky behaviour that can lead to challenges such as teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, early marriage, abusive relationships, prostitution, drug abuse among others.



A decent lady, earning her own income, positively contributing to the society and respected and valued by the community.


Income generating activity

  1. Dressmaking /Tailoring
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