Nomads welfare development group



Garissa is the head quarters of the expansive but sparsely populated North Eastern Province. Characterised by harsh climatic conditions, low rainfall and violent winds the region is inhabited by mainly Somali ethnic group of Muslim faith, who are nomadic pastoralists rearing cattle, goats, sheep and camels. In urban settings such as Garissa town the population is multi ethnic in recent past an influx of Somali refugees fleeing their war torn country have inhabited the region with a large number of them still in refugee camps run by the United Nations. Being an arid and semi arid area and with a history of marginalisation by successive Kenyan governments Garissa and its environs experience many developmental challenges among them low basic schooling enrolments especially among girls. Statistics show 75% of school going children are not in school. Early marriages, draught and hunger, Women access to opportunities and resources while HIV/AIDS is also becoming an issue especially in urban areas. Young people are idle, they do not have skills nor the exposure to assist them exploit their potential.


NOMAD WELFARE DEVELOPMENT GROUP, a community based active CBO operating in Garissa, North Eastern province. It realises activities such as HIV/AIDS awareness, youth entrepreneurship training, life skills training to youth, and other related activities. It targets the disadvantaged and marginalised youth pastoralist mostly school dropouts, support both female and male youth to access micro credit facilities through linking them with micro finance institutions. The group engages a unique inclusive and participatory approach that seeks to integrate all stakeholders in youth development affairs mainly religious leaders, government agencies especially ministry of youth affairs, community leaders, youth leaders including young women, the local business community, parents associations and local NGO representatives. This approach has helped the group tackle sensitive issues such as women rights especially young women participation, HIV/AIDS and reproductive health issues including HIV/AIDS and socially and culturally accepted practices that contribute to developmental challenges such as violence against women or spread of HIV/AIDS. NOMADS led by Osman Mohamed is the YADEN East Africa Network Garissa coordinators and hopes to partner with YADEN to set up a mobile youth empowerment and entrepreneurship centre in 2011 dedicated in assisting young people access information and acquire entrepreneurship skills so that they can be self reliant at the same time play a bigger and active role in their communities development.



Empower & assist young people in Garissa and North Eastern province become self reliant through, Exposure, Entrepreneurship training, Income generating activities , Networking and awareness creation on HIV/AIDS and other issues.



Self reliant youth contributing to the country’s social, economic, cultural and political development.


Income generating activity

  1. Artefacts making
  2. Consultancy services to NGO’s
  3. Entrepreneurship training
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