Manyata youth group



Mombasa is the second largest town in Kenya and lies on the East Coast of Africa. With white sandy beaches and rich history as evidenced by many monuments and attractions left by Portuguese, Arabs and other Europeans who in different times in history colonised Mombasa and neighbouring coastal towns. Tourism is the main economic lifeline at the Kenyan coast and many people from neighbouring villages and upcountry are lured to Mombasa to cash in on the income opportunity. Literacy is low compared to upcountry and sex trade is rampant. HIV/AIDS is a major challenge so is both hard and soft drug abuse. In Neighbourhoods such as Likoni and Kisauni ordinary people do not even have enough to eat, housing is poor mainly made of coconut straws and one of the biggest problems in these neighbourhoods is malaria and water related diseases caused by lack of proper sanitation and clean drinking water.


Manyata Youth group based in Likoni is one of the most active youth outfits in Mombasa. It has managed to mobilise diverse young people Christians and Muslims, natives and immigrants, young men and women to come together and engage their creative talents to earn a living through entertaining people on the streets and the many tourist hotels in Mombasa. They also visit schools and are contracted by developmental organisations to sensitise and create awareness to the community of various issues especially HIV/AIDS, Gender based violence, Importance of basic education, Drug abuse, corruption, Civil rights and good governance among others. In recent months Manyata youth group has opened a video selling outlet and hopes to produce its own films. In partnership with YADEN Manyata youth group plans to set up an entrepreneurship centre dedicated in training and assisting young people engage in descent income generating activities. Manyata is the YADEN east Africa Network Mombasa coordinators.



Mobilise young people in Likoni and Kisauni neighbourhoods of Mombasa, engage their artistic and sports talents to educate their communities on issues affecting them and engage in descent income generating initiatives.



A society free from drugs, HIV/AIDS and bad governance where young people have an opportunity to engage.


Income generating activity

  1. Edutainment and school set books
  2. Hawking
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