Engage, Empower, Educate the Voiceless


Nyeri sits on the slopes of Mount Kenya and is the headquarters of the central province. An agricultural highland with rich history especially on resistance to the colonial rule. Many Mau Mau resistance group come from this region and were based in the expansive mount Kenya and Aberdare’s. Nyeri is the richest district in Kenya according to national statistics and very few developmental organisations operate in this area which has fuelled the notion that Nyeri town and its environs has no developmental challenges. HIV/AIDS rate is high, many families, descendants of Mau Mau veterans or collaborators who could not return to their villages after independence live in abject poverty at Majengo and Kiawara. Many young people engage in prostitution and criminality to survive while drug and illicit alcohol abuse is a common preoccupation.


ETV is one of the few youth groups working to mobilise young people and engage their creativity, innovation and almost natural entrepreneurship common in central Kenya to address developmental challenges. The groups’ targets vulnerable youths especially young women, partners with vocational training institutes to get the youth acquire skills that they can engage to earn a descent income. The group also trains youths in film/video making, creating a platform for them to express themselves at the same time earn an income. The group that works closely with Wasanii Arts and the Scouts movement plans to assist young people with skills to access small loans to help them start small scale income generating activates at the same time establish a regular sharing and exchange session for the enterprising young people.



To engage, empower, educate the voiceless in the community



An empowered community especially the youth engaging film and video to air their views.


Income generating activity

  1. Edutainment
  2. Film making and distribution
  3. Farming and hawking
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