Burundi hairdresser Solidarity


Bujumbura is situated on the shores of lake Tanganyika and is the capital city of Burundi. After 13 years of civil war Burundi is a nation recovering from effects of war and no where this is more evident than in Bujumbura. Young people who were child soldiers or silent victims of the war are struggling to recover from the trauma besides being faced by daily challenges of disease, hunger, insecurity and illiteracy. Burundi has an estimated population of 8.5 million with 90% living below the poverty line. HIV/AIDS prevalence is close to 20% according to UNICEF. Amid all these young Burundians are hopeful for a better future and are working hard to ensure next generations will have a better future.

BURUNDI HAIRDRESSERS SOLIDARITY is an innovative youth group mainly comprised of former child soldiers who found themselves on the streets after the war. Inspired by their leader Mr Viateur they have set-up a thriving hairdressers business that also works to bring disfranchised young men together where they share their experiences and support each other. Their business also incorporates HIV/AIDS awareness initiative where they sensitise their clients and the community on the dangers of HIV/AIDS. The innovative group has spread to other major cities in Burundi namely Gitega, Ngozi and Bururi where they have trained over 120 young men on hairdressing, HIV/AIDS and peaceful conflict resolution. The group members can feed themselves and are role models for their peers and the community as a whole. They are planning to assist in setting up an all girls hairdressers initiative and a children welfare project besides diversifying their business.



Addressing HIV/AIDS, peace and reconciliation among other developmental challenges through engaging young people as community educators besides equipping them with vocational skills such as hairdressing to enable them earn a decent income.



HIV/AIDS free Burundi society living together in peace and with capacity to live a decent and honorable life.


Income generating activity

  1. Hairdressing


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