Bagamoyo Mwangaza Centre (BMC)



Bagamoyo is the Arts capital of Tanzania hosting the famous Bagamoyo school of arts, It is a historic coastal town famous for its role in the slave trade. ‘the last stop before slaves boarded the slave ships to the Americas’. Poverty is rampant resulting to many developmental challenges including HIV/AIDS, gender inequality and gender based violence, low literacy levels, substance abuse among others. 70% of the population is under 35 years and un employment is over 30%. The predominantly Muslim town has vast potential as a tourism destination which is largely unexploited.
In 2008 a group of 13 talented young people come together inspired by skills learned through YADEN/CROSSROAD organised exchange program XROADS. They formed a self help youth group aimed at mobilising the idle youth in Bagamoyo and assisting them develop their artistic talents. The group uses performances to educate the community on developmental issues besides organising talent festivals, workshops and makes musical instruments for sale. BMC has set up in partnership with YADEN and CROSSROAD of the Netherlands a tourism initiative that hosts dance, music and culture enthusiast for an art and cultural safari twice a year. BMC hopes to set up a youth talent and development centre in 2011.



To mobilise and inspire young people in Bagamoyo, assist them develop their artistic talents and explore ways in which these talents can help them earn a descent income at the same time being engaged to educate the community on developmental issues ensuring young people have a voice on community affairs.



An empowered youth engaging its talents to earn a living, educate its community and promote its culture.


Income generating activity

  1. Performances and music equipments for Hire in weddings and other occasions/events
  2. Tour Guiding
  3. Dance, Music and Acrobatics Workshops for locals and tourists



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