Art Youth Research, Eldoret



Eldoret is a town founded in the turn of the century famous for good reasons such as the athletics capital having produced Olympic gold medallists and being home to world renowned high altitude training camps. But Eldoret is also known for its part in post election violence of 2007 – 2008 which had an ethnic dimension and got thousands of people displaced and others killed including 50 people who were torched in a church, all because of their ethnicity. Ethnic tensions are high. Young people especially young men who become the face of violence are mainly foot solders for politicians, who dish out cash, promise them a lot besides buying drugs and illicit alcohol to them. Mostly these indoctrinated youth are as a result of crippling poverty, unemployment and falling farm produce prices. Eldoret town boasts one of the highest concentration of street children and youth begging on the streets or soliciting for odd tasks in return for food or change.


Art Youth Research Centre is a group of energetic and committed young people drawn from diverse ethnic background who come together in 2007 to collectively explore ways of engaging their talents and their environment to earn a decent income. The group comprising 10 young men and five young women started by collecting plastics, scrap metal and polythene bags for sale to manufacturing industries. Later they started using some of the trash collected in garbage sites to make artefacts for sale, currently the group has diversified its income base by establishing a T-Shirt printing project which they use to print peace messages, a tree nursery and a painting studio where they produce painting for sale. In line of their work their help conserve the environment, sensitise the populace on importance of peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms and co-existence, help clean the environment, educate their peers against drugs and risky behaviour that can lead to HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases but most important assist their members earn a descent income thus helping reduce poverty within their communities. The group future plans is to establish a recycling plant that can employ the local youth at the same time setting up a vocational training centre where young people can learn to produce different products using local materials.



Empower young people in Eldoret by engaging them in income generating activities that also assist in cleaning & conserving the environment , engage and promote their talents and help build a multi ethnic community co-existing in peace & prosperity.



Progressive youth assisting conserve the environment, promoting peace and co-existence and educating community on developmental issues.


Income generating activity

  1. Edutainment and paintings for sale
  2. Recycling and garbage collection
  3. Tree nursery and vegetable farming
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