Training method

Training method – the IGSA process

… Ice Break …. Give and Take … Showcase … Absorb …


IGSA process acknowledges human factors in development starting with the knowledge that, change is a process. The inclusive and participatory training method also acknowledges that people, either children or adults have something to offer and sharing these capacities can greatly assist in coming up with collective and sustainable solutions.


The process starts with ICEBREAK where using theatre games participants let free, open up and stop or reduce their shyness. This stage in the process can be fast or slow depends on the group. It is very important and forms the basis on which the rest of the training process takes. The process then moves to GIVE & TAKE, at this point the participants exchange, share and learn from one another either practically through teaching each other performative or creative skills or by telling each other of their experiences through discussions. This stage in the training consolidates capacities of the participants helping them fill gaps in their capacities with input from others and collectively be able to put their lives and challenges as individuals or as a group into a larger context.


The process then moves to SHOWCASE where participants gather all the shared information from both the facilitators/teachers as well as their counterparts and consolidate them into theatrical presentations, public speaking, visuals arts of drawings, painting etc. They first present to each other. This stage in the training process helps the participants views their challenges from the outside and in an objective position at the same time practically seeing how others interpret these issues or how issues they are going through inter-relates with what others are experiences. A powerful revelation at this point. The process ends with ABSORB where participants and their facilitators gather to reflect on the experience, lessons learned, suggest solutions and way forward. The process at this level produces honest, practical and well informed information and solutions to developmental challenges. The climax of the process also helps participants grow through boosting their self esteem, confidence and gives them a platform to share and exchange their experiences. A very fulfilling and empowering experience.


IGSA Process is highly adaptable and flexible, it is inclusive and practical making it accessible to a diversity of people. Children and young people in particular find it enjoyable and dynamic by accommodating their energies, humour, sense of adventure but most important creating a platform to share what they know and learn something new.

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