Yaden “10 point” take

1) Theatre is Development

Theatre encompassing all forms of performing and creative arts (music, dance, acrobatics, drama, visual arts, multimedia etc) derives its form and mode from human traits of culture, religion, traditional believes among other communal practices that define a people has been proved as perfect tool of addressing developmental challenges facing people either as individuals or members of a community. Theatre has been described as an extension or even magnification of life, A repetitive act of daily life (Boal A 1992 pp xxv) giving it accessibility to people’s way of thinking, decision making, relations and interpretation of various issues that people deal with on a daily basis. This makes theatre more than a tool of development but an integral part of human mechanism that defines development itself. By engaging Theatre to address development. The focus is on the ‘human factors’ in development. Factors that have an impact in people’s communal and individual hopes, anxieties, confidence, self believe, trust etc, factors influenced by culture, religion, political and social affiliations without which developmental challenges such as poverty eradication, political and social empowerment, environmental preservation, health among others.The experience of engaging theatre in developmental matters is not a new phenomenon. Traditionally among communities of the world ritual performances or enactment have helped people preserve their cultures, relate to one another and define themselves. In modern world theatre has been used to educate, inspire and even provoke people into taking actions Tim Prentki describes it as – whereby communities are enabled to address issues of self-development through participation in a theatre process. (Epskamp 2006. xiv) In Yaden we say Theatre is Development.

Theatre is representing ourselves and repeating those representations within everyday life

(Striff E. 2003. pp1)

2) Development

Yaden defines development simply as being in a situation ‘better than one before’. We view development as a process that should be inclusive and participatory that empowers people through information and technical knowledge to assist them formulate sustainable developmental strategies that take into account their culture, believes and way of life to inspire change in altitudes/behaviour or satisfy individual or communal need.

3) Youth & Leadership

Yaden strongly believe in the ability of young people to affect change in the world. To move towards a just and sustainable society young people must be assisted to become more informed and actively involved in leadership. Yaden understands the need for allowing young people a stronger voice, greater participation and free flow of information and an environment that promotes action in a local and global level.

4) Violence Against Women

Violence against women is now recognised as a violation of human rights and its definitions includes Sexual, physical and psychological harm, Yaden believes in the importance of creating a gender equitable environment free from violence, intimidation and degradation of women, an environment where women can empower themselves and maximise their potential thus accelerating the development process among their communities.

Yaden recognises the vulnerability of the young women and explores unique violence’s she faces.

Any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in Sexual, Physical or psychological harm done to women, including threats to such acts. Coercion or arbitrary deprivation of liberty whether occurring in public or in private. United Nation Declaration on Elimination of violence against women, 1993;

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