1. To create a platform where communities’ especially young people can come together, exchange ideas, share experiences, learn from one another and collectively seek sustainable solutions for developmental challenges affecting them.
  2.  To Equip young women with the necessary life and entrepreneurial skills that will empower them to be independent and engage in sensitizing the community to do away with socially accepted practices such as gender based violence (GBV), stereotyped women’s position in the society among others that limit their potential.
  3. To assist young people identify, advance and engage their talents and potentials to earn a decent income or livelihood.
  4. To engage educational institutions in order for them to participate in socio-cultural econo-politico development issues through educational institutions and community partnerships.
  5. Engaging young men to address masculinity issues that lead to developmental challenges such as drugs abuse, HIV/AIDS and violence among others.
  6. To engage children under the age of 13 years in expressing developmental challenges that affect them in their own way.
  7. To establish centres where young people can access information, learn new skills (IT/vocational), meet one another and showcase their talents or potentials and skills in order to maximize their chances of realizing a decent income and solutions to developmental challenges affecting them.
  8. Strengthen YADEN’s institutional capacity, policies, development and alliance building with relevant stakeholders.

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