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SaSaa Model. (Lets Play, Sing Dance & TALK) a Participatory Community Dialogue model

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Designed as a live talk show SaSaa, the title is adapted from popular Kenyan phrase meant to know how someone is feeling, or acknowledge someone’s presence and or opinion. In Kenya it may be the most common contemporary phrase when people come together. It is actually used in place of greeting. ‘SA SAA’. Highly flexible, mobile and adaptable it involves a HOST, whose task is to coordinate the session, direct discussion and balance participation among those involved. PERFORMING ACTS are next component mainly involving children and the youth from the targeted area. They enact some of the challenges putting them in local situation creating ‘make believe’ and a mirror the community can identify with. Another group included in the session is EXPERT PANEL or RESOURCE GROUP. This person or persons bring in the technical knowledge of the issue or subject discussed. In issues such as HIV/AIDS they help separate myth from reality and drawing from the community experience as presented in the performance acts and their technical knowledge of the issue are able to assist the session and this the community put issues in perspective. The last and important component of the session is the AUDIENCE OR COMMUNITY MEMBERS, they are actively involved in debate, discussion and occasional role play. They internalize all the information shared between themselves, performance acts and the expert panel and use it to collectively seek solution to challenges affecting them.

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A SaSaa Session is vibrant, energetic, open, entertaining and humorous. It participatory nature and being held within a community setting helps people open up, relax and actively contribute/participate. In the session there is a sense of ownership from everyone. A platform where everyone has an opportunity to teach/share and collectively learn. Making SaSaa attractive especially for vulnerable groups such as children, youth, women etc who rarely get a forum to contribute their views.


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